About Advanced Women's Imaging

specialised obstetric and gynaecologic ultrasound - offering care to women of the sunshine coast since 2010.

At Advanced Women’s Imaging we offer a dedicated tertiary level obstetric and gynaecologic ultrasound service. We provide a comprehensive range of specialised scans and diagnostic procedures for women using state of the art equipment and technology. Our ultrasounds are performed using cutting edge technology on the Voluson E8 (GE) with 3D/4D imaging capabilities.

Our philosophy at Advanced Women’s Imaging is to provide a professional and personalised ultrasound service aimed at optimising diagnosis and patient management in a relaxed, friendly and informative environment.

Patients will have high quality ultrasounds in our beautifully appointed rooms within Sunshine Coast Radiology at Warana..

This women’s imaging service will be provided by Dr Denise Ladwig, a specialist Obstetrician Gynaecologist who works exclusively in obstetric and gynaecologic ultrasound. Dr Ladwig is committed to providing accurate and thorough ultrasound assessments of pregnancy and the female pelvis.

Dr Ladwig is passionate about providing high quality professional care for women within a caring environment. She believes in taking time to talk with women, providing education and support. She understands that women are often anxious about their ultrasounds. Patients will receive individual consultations with Dr Ladwig following their ultrasound with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss findings.

We offer ultrasound images in a variety of formats (print and CD). All ultrasounds are digitally stored and able to be reviewed for follow-up if needed.

Advanced Women’s Imaging is pleased to announce that our ultrasound practice will be bringing two new procedures to the Sunshine Coast.

We will be offering chorionic villus sampling as part of our prenatal diagnostic testing, in addition to amniocentesis.

We will also be offering the HyCoSy procedure as an alternative diagnostic tool for the investigation of infertility and the assessment of tubal patency.

These procedures will give more choice and improved diagnostic ability to women and doctors on the Sunshine Coast.